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St. Mary's Reunions

The last Reunion was Saturday, June 13, 2015 for 1964,65 and 66 alumni. Prior to that, it was at St. Mary's on Saturday May 2, 2009. All former alumni who attended from 1955 to 1984 were welcome. A special thanks to Nadine Cardon for all her hard work in setting it up. Before that, it was the 2002 reunion for 1975 outlined below. Prior to that, the 1993 Reunion for all the sixties. 700 people attended. And before that, I am guessing but I think it was 1985 for the entire school.

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 Class of 75 Reunion - Aug 2002
Overview by Paulette Turcotte
  The reunion was a blast (from the past) to say the least. I believe everyone found it somewhat shocking, but delightful fun and a touching coming together.

The golf tournament gang (36 - raw rookies and seasoned players) met up in the parking lot with much laughter. 27 years later more than a few "hi and who are you?" were noted (year book picture name tags came later). The weather could've been finer but everything seems to have went well all the same.

The dinner and dance had a bigger crowd (90+) - a comfortable fit for the hall. Food - tasty, beer - cool & free, music - nostalgic & fun, great donated prize giveaways... much visiting, eating, drinking & dancing. As a more reasonable & responsible crowd in our forties we packed it in by 2 a.m.

$550. was raised for WIN House.

Thanks to Don Sutton, Ann, Rick, Terry R., Neil, Janine, Ed, Fay, Gail, Knights of Columbus bartenders & all who attended...Sue, Jerry, Renee, Leslie, Terry A, Joe, Donna, Tammy, Desiree, Evelyn, Anita, Lorraine, Ingrid, Brian, Brad B, Tony B, Nancy, Linda, Dennis, Darrell, Terry D, Annette, Wayne D, Joanne D, Ed, Lynn G, Mike, Barb K, Michelle L, Francine, Paulette L, Fay, Sharon M, Kathy M, Norm M, Audrey, Dale, Garry, Judy M, Greg M, Arlene, Ted, Judy N, Frank N, Janice, Leah, Jim P, Theresa P, Rick, Darlene, Terry R, Ann, Neil, Judy V, Wendy, Rod, Frank Z,... and guests.

"My only regret is I did not get a chance to visit more with the people I did talk to and I flat out missed talking with some people. Isnít that always the case though with big gatherings."

"My recent Alberta vacation was filled with many pleasant experiences, among them, and one of the most enjoyable, was the Reunion."

"We just didn't have time for pictures, too much fun."

"It's like time had stood still, even if it was for only a few precious fleeting hours."

"I had an absolutely incredible time......and it was so worth the trip."

"It's so strange to think that I haven't seen some people for 27 years! I recognized some but I have to admit, my memory failed me on many of them."

"It was great and strange at the same time to see everyone after all these years."

"The entire day and evening was a reminder of how lucky we were to have all graduated together. I don't think I have ever been in a room with that many happy, excited and smiling people."