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St. Mary's High School
-Teacher's Room-

St. Mary's was built in 1955 and was renamed J.H. Picard in 1984. The following people were teachers at St. Mary's. Although many of us took these people for granted back then, we owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Many of us never fully appreciated the role teachers played in our lives until many years later. We were all in such a hurry to grow up and be treated like adults, we did not realize these were the carefree days of our lives. To some of us, teachers were authority figures. We grudgingly listened to them because we had to, or our parents made us. They practically had to force knowledge into our minds while we protested all the way. It must have been very frustrating at times to be one of our teachers. I am sure many of them had second thoughts about the career path they chose. We never stopped to think they were just doing their best to give us the tools to help us survive in the quickly changing world around us.
On behalf of myself and all the other classmates from St. Mary's, who in our hurry to grow up forgot to say it back then, we say it now...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Thank You

John Acheson
Sister Angela

Ottila Baier
Mr. Baker
Ethel Barr
Denis Beaudry
R. Benner
Joseph Berezanski
Aida Biamonte
Frank Bischoff
Mother Mary Boniface
Wilf Borgstede
Henry Breault
Dr. John F. Brosseau
Jim Bunch
Mrs. Butler
Father Basil Butts

Mrs. Cameron
Mr. Campbell
Mother Canisia
Mother Francis Carmel
John Carolan
Mother Celeste
Celest V. Cerhit
Win Chicos
Miss Clark
Mrs. Clarke
Mrs. Clement
Paul Croteau
Mrs. Crocker
Pat Crowe
Patricia Crumm
Mary-Lynn Crystal
Ann Cwikilewycz

C. Dalton
Tony DeBenedetto
Gilles Desmarais
Carolyn Devine
Kathy Devlin
James Dimsdale
Ron Dobbin
Mrs. Donahue
Anthony Donegan
Peggy Dowell
Dan Dunnigan

John Egan
Sister Mary Ellen

Mrs. Feehan
Anthony Filewych
Mr. Filipek
C. Fischer
Janet Flaman
Margaret Flanagan
Elaine Ford
Gino Fracas
Alice Freedman
Mary Friesenhan

Mr. Gaetz
Mr. Gates
Gene Gauthier
Mrs. Rosemary Gibson
Florence Glen
Mrs. Glen
Sr. B. Goodine
Marge Grabia
T. Green
Mrs. Griger
Bob Guglich

P. Hagerty
Joyce Hall
Joan Halley
Chris Hamilton
Mr. Harris
Miss Harrison
Father Hartman
Margaret Haughey
Kathy Hebert
Fred Hoeber
Henricus Hof
Brendan Holden
G. Holoiday
R. Homenchuk
Mr. Hook
Walter Hubick
Jim Humphries
Mrs Joan Hunt
Mrs. R. Hysler

Gwenneth Ingr
Mother Mary Janet
Krishan Joshee

Gerry Karpinka
Miss Kenny
Virginia Kervin
Father Joseph Killoran
Mr. Kimenius
Mrs. Kindrachuk
Paul Kirk
Mrs. Klimchuk
Gene Korpan
Mariena Kortes
Miss O. Kosack
Jeanne Kozak
Emily Koziak
J. Krywko
Marcella Kucharski

Philip Lamoureux
Lois Laurin
Marcel LaVallee
Mrs. Lecky-Perron
D. Lemay
Yvonne Lemay
Harry Lent
Sr. Bernarda Lewis
Did Liogier
Fred Loeffler
Carl Lukasik
Father Ed Lynch
Mervyn A. Lynch

William MacCallum
Hugh MacDonald
L.J. MacDonald
Norma MacDonald
Sr. MacDonald
Rod MacIsaac
Merle Mackenzie
Miss MacKinnon
John MacNeil
Mrs. Maio
Monica Maloney
Mr. Mangan
Harry Manning SR.
D. Mariash
Angeline Martel
Stan Mastalish
Mike Matsuba
Mother Bernadette
Father McCaffrey
Mother Gerald
Mrs. McFaul
Father McGee
Miss McGillivray
Miss McHale
Miss McNalley
Marlene McNichol
Mother Bonniface
John Melicher
Mr. Miller
Guy Joseph Millisor
Father Mitchell
Mr. Murphy
Mrs. Murphy
Mr. Murray

Audrey Nagle
Father Nearing
Harold Neth
Father George Neuman
Father John Neumann
Norm Nichol
Mrs. Dianne Norminton
Rev. John Nowakowski
Miss Nykolaishen

Loretta O'Neill
Stan Oarchesky
Mrs. Ollenberger
Father Felix Otterson
Mrs. Ower

Ms. Palmquist
Carl Paproski
Bud (L) Paradis
Rene Patry
Ron Patsula
Mrs. Peregoodoff
Angus Perry
J. Perry
Joe Petrone
Mr. Phelps
Laurier Picard
Mrs. Loraine Porcher
Victor Poulin
Leopal Powers
Mr. Preclaw
Mary Puchalik
Jerome Quinn
Phyliss Radowitz
Louise Rae
Ron Rajotte
Larry Rankin
Mrs. Reminsky
Orest Reminsky
Ms. Renaud
Ms. Repetowski
Ann Reyda
Mr. Rissling
Bob Ritter
Jim Ritter
Mrs. Rodnunsky
A.E. Rogers
Len Rousseau
Mr. Roy
Aurell Royer

Dennis Schafer
Sister Schell
Father Josef Schmelz
Joseph Schommer
S. Schuster
Peter Semenchuk
Patricia Shandro
Joe Sherbanuk
Mrs. Shykora
S.J. Sieben
Myron Smolarchuk
Phyliss Soldan
Marilyn Speer
Mr. Spenrath
Alice Stelter
Miss Stambaugh
Bob Steele
Goerge Stepney
Margaret Sutherland
Mrs. Symington
Mr. Syska

Bob Tabaka
Christine (Szolucha) Tabaka
Len Tannas
Gerry Tansey
Bev Tarnowski
Mother Mary Teresa
Ladonna Tessari
Sylvia Topolnicki
Lucille Touchette
Louis Trapler
Norm Tretiak
Y. Tschofen
Mrs. Turko
B. Turnbull
Ernie Turnbull

U / V
Mary Veit

Sister Wallace
Helen Walls
Miss Walsh
Irene Washylk
Mrs. Watson
Gerry Weber
Neil Weir
P. Weisgarber
Ken Whelan
Elaine Whelihan
Mrs. Marie Williams
Mr. Williamson
Cec Winton
Judy Wood
Mrs. Patricia Worger
Mike Workun
Leonard Worton

Peter Yuhem
Adele Yukes
Mrs. Karen Yusep

Miss Zaichowsky
Gordon Zard
John Zielinski
Janice Zielinski
Mrs. Zucchet

If you know of a teacher who should be on this list, or know the first name of some of them who back then we only knew as Father, Sister, Mrs, Mr. or Ms., please let me know. If you know where they are, that would also help.

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